Workouts that boost metabolism and promote weight loss

Anyone wanting to lose weight should know that in addition to a healthy diet, some exercise needs to be done. Exercise increases the bodies metabolism. This assists the dieter by allowing them to lose weight at a faster rate. This also stops the body from becoming used to the decreased calories ingested which can cause weight loss to slow or plateau.

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Finding an effective workout that will successfully boost your metabolism does not have to be elaborate or require a personal trainer and large amounts of cash to establish. Anyone can find a workout that will work for them if they put a little time and effort into establishing their own program.

The foundation of any good workout starts with cardio exercises. This can include walking, jogging, running, aerobics, using a treadmill or stair stepper, or any other type of exercise that raises the heart rate by 20-30 points. This type of exercise should be done for 30 minutes per day.

Most people who need to lose weight will not be able to start out at the 30 minute mark. Workouts should start slow and then build up one to two minutes per day until the 30 minute mark is achieved. This keeps the metabolism boosted so the body does not become accustomed to a certain amount of exercise until the optimum number of minutes is achieved.

The second type of exercise that should be incorporated into a workout in order to boost the metabolism is resistance training. This type of exercise causes the body to burn more calories while it is healing muscles that have been stretched to their limits during the routine. Weight training is one of the most well known type of resistance training and is what everyone thinks of when this term comes up. However there are several ways to accomplish resistance training without having to lift weights.

Water aerobics are an excellent way to get resistance training and an awesome way for those who are not in good condition. The water gives a nice amount of resistance but it is much easier to do than aerobics that are performed on a mat or a hard floor. These type of exercise routines are utilized by people who have chronic health issues or disabilities. Local YMCA’s or facilities with indoor pools frequently have classes for these types of exercises or provide certain days and times for people to utilize the heated pool for this purpose.

Adding a resistance band to stretches and other aerobic exercises is another excellent way to get resistance training into your workout. This is a very inexpensive way of doing this. It can be performed in a person’s home or in the local gym.

Another great method that you can add to your exercise routine that gives you resistance training is to use an exercise ball in your routine and work through your abdominal exercises while on the ball. Using different methods in your workouts will help you keep the workouts fresh, instead of repetitive which may lead to a person becoming bored of their routine.

Weight training can be utilized for this purpose as well. You can purchase dumbbells and free weights to use in your own home or join a gym in order to use their equipment. A gym gives a person a lot of options as far as the equipment that can be used for workouts.

Any type of resistance training should start out with 15 minutes and increase the workout by 5 minutes every other day. A day should be skipped on this type of exercise in order to allow the muscles ample time to heal from the stretching routine that you have put them through. This gives you the optimum amount of calorie and fat burning time as well by using these time intervals.

The main thing is to find out what workout is right or you. Each individual will have routines or exercises that they like to do. You will be a lot more enthused about your workout if you enjoy doing the types of exercises and resistance training that you have set out for yourself to do. Find a friend or coworker that you can do your workout with. It really helps to have another person to support you as well as keep you company on your workouts.