What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a rapidly growing worldwide grassroots fitness movement, combining gymnastics (calisthenics) with multijoint Olympic lifting, interval training, and metabolic conditioning (aerobic and anaerobic training), approaching fitness as a contest against oneself. Workouts are measured by objective criteria like wattage, time, weight lifted, repetitions, or force, instead of repetitive “bodypart splits.” Highly addictive, CrossFit focuses on perfection of form, a high frequency of variance in movement, and high intensity level over a short time period, while fostering a community spirit of fun and comradery.

Focused on generalization and not specialization, CrossFit seeks to make the individual proficient in all 10 general physical skills (Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy). CrossFit also promotes and teaches healthy eating as food is fuel and good nutrition is the foundation by which a healthy body is built. Without good nutrition the structure that is you crumbles and falls.

CrossFit’s key to its success is in its programming which is founded on three guiding principles:CONSTANTLY VARIED, FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS, PERFORMED AT HIGH INTENSITY.

Constantly Varied

This means changing your workout every time. In CrossFit programming, today’s workout will be different from tomorrow’s, which will be different from next week and even the next few months. It’s this constant variety that helps prevent our bodies from plateauing and causes positive changes in our physiology.

Functional Movements

Movements such as squatting, pressing, running, etc. are all movements that we do normally and what our bodies are meant to do. They are functional. In CrossFit we focus on these movements because they help prepare us for life. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Performed at High Intensity

Intensity is a key element of fitness and is a function of how fast you can do work. Work is a function of power and the faster we can do work the more power we exert and therefore the harder the workout. This all translates to improved levels of fitness…a healthier you.

What CrossFit means to us

To us, CrossFit is more than just a fitness program but rather it is a unique lifestyle choice grounded in fitness that gives us the motivation to improve ourselves, not just in sports but in everyday life. It arms us with the ability to be prepared for the unknown and unknowing which in itself is what life is about. Through variety in programming coupled with high intensity functional movements, we are constantly engaged never getting bored with our routines, exercising not just our bodies but our minds. CrossFit will take you places within your physical and mental realms that you thought you could never go and it will show you that quite often we sabotage ourselves by our own and others’ negative talk and feedback. CrossFit is a community of individuals supporting each other. People in your box become like your second family…it is that other place you go to beside home. And even though there are many CrossFit boxes we are all one in support of a common goal of improving our lives through fitness and nutrition.