Lower Ab Exercises For Building a Better Stomach

The quickest way to attaining a six pack abs is by limiting the exercises on the lower abdomen. These lower abs exercises have to be done with utmost patience and discipline. The patch might be a rough, but only to be rewarded with the much coveted washboard abs.

The most important stumbling block that remains in the path to attaining a god-like body is the stubborn abdominal muscles. Nobody would care to think about the ‘harm’ you are doing to your abdominal muscles while hogging on the junk foods which are rich in fat and less of nutritive value. Flattening the midsection is the mammoth task as far as the fitness freaks are concerned.

The abdominal muscles involve the upper, lower and the oblique muscles. It works in synchronization with each other and is responsible for the smoothness of movement between the upper and the lower par of one’s body. The fat that you consume from the food gets deposited around these muscles and as a result these muscles literally go into oblivion! The lower ab exercises require you to do certain exercises that will reinforce these muscles and develop them.

Flattening the tummy is the hardest of all fitness regimes. It is very difficult because no ordinary exercises will effectively trim down the lower abs. the lower ab is the core and its strength is very important for any sportsperson or simply anyone who wishes to own a hardy frame. However, there are many workout exercises meant to flatten the tummy and give the sexy figure that one hankers for.

Most of these exercises are astonishingly simple to do. You need not be a master of human anatomy to understand all these exercises which can be done within the confines of your very home. There are a variety of exercises to pick from depending on your ability, strength and time. And there are no shortcuts to achieving this frame and it is possible only by sweating it out. The lower ab exercises mainly comprise of those exercises in which you will have to put strain on your lower abdominal muscles. Most of these exercises will require you to be in proper form without which you might develop pain on your lower back and hips and without the six pack abs at all. Double leg lifts involve lifting your legs vertically with the lower abdominal muscles contracted and the muscles of your legs tightened. Another exercise is the alternating le walks in which each leg is lifted in such a way that they are at right angles to your body. This has to be done by contracting your lower abdominal muscles.

Scissors requires you to lie on your back, with muscles on the legs contracted and lifting both the legs up. The next step is crossing them without knees bent and then opening and closing them. Double leg circles are the type of exercise that involves lifting both the legs up the floor while contracting the lower ab muscles. Then, you have to rotate the legs in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Do these exercises slowly so that it is done effectively. And while performing each of these exercises, you have to place your hands under your butt so that you do not get any back pains later.