Class Schedule

Rooted Fitness CrossFit Class Schedule

Regular CrossFit Classes:
Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu 5:30am
Mon, Wed & Fri 6:30am
Sat 9:30am
Sun 10:30am

Mon,Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri 12:00pm

Mon, Tue, Wed & Thu 5:15pm
Mon, Tue & Wed 6:15pm

Firebreathers (CrossFit class with an extra “umph” and part of regular membership)
Thu 6:15pm
Sat 10:30am

CrossFit Oly Lifts (Olympic Lifting specialty class and part of regular membership)
Tue 7:15pm
Fri 5:15pm (2 hour class with time given to proper warm-up, movement execution, “assistor” exercises and mobility)

CrossFit Skills (Open gym style classes where you work on basic skills…part of regular membership)
Thu 7:15pm (Gymnastics Skills) –> NOTE: SKILLS CLASSES POSTPONED TILL SPRING 2015
Sat 11:30am (Barbell Skills)

CrossFit Foundations Classes:
Tue & Thu 8:15pm, Sun 9:30am (Based on demand. NEXT COURSE STARTS MAY 5. PLEASE CONTACT TO REGISTER)

Obstacle Course Race Training
Mon 7:30pm
Sat 9:30am

Combative & Self-defence Classes:
Sat 1:30pm

CrossFit Kids

Pre & Post Natal Classes